Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bagong Pilipinas: A Nation Filled with Good Hopes for the Country

Today is indeed a very historical day for the Filipinos. A few moments ago, our 15th President, NoyNoy Aquino, was inaugurated at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila together with the newly-elected Vice-president Jejomar Binay. It was indeed a defining moment for the Filipinos as we were finally liberated from the claws of the previous corruptive government. More than half a million Filipinos went to Quirino Grandstand to personally witness the inauguration of the new president. Those people didn't mind the heat of the sun, the sweat, and other obstacles. They just wanted to be there, flesh and blood, to witness and experience the start of the so-called change that this country's long been waiting and hoping for.

As for me and the millions of other Filipinos, we decided to just stay in the house and watch the live coverage of the inauguration on television. It might have felt a lot amazing if I could watch the rites at Quirino Grandstand and join the other Filipinos shouting for joy, but I woke up late and I wasn't really that excited of this PNoy's inauguration thing before.

It was when I saw on TV a large flock of Filipinos who really braved their way to the venue of the inauguration, all smiling, and their faces all filled with hopes for the incoming new government that I felt so melodramatic, as if my heart melted.

Admittedly, tears fell from my eyes when various Filipino artists sang the official inaugural song "Bagong Pilipinas." I actually had goosebumps. The lyrics of the song spoke of it all-- the gladness of the whole nation for this victory and the hope for change. But it was still Noel Cabangon's powerful performance who made me burst into tears. I loved it when he asked everyone to raise their right hands and vowed to be good Filipino citizens. I totally agree with Jim Paredes when he tweeted that Noel Cabangon's song should be immortalized. In my own opinion, has that special power to talk to you sincerely through his songs about love for country, for change, about yourself and what should you be doing as a citizen of this country. He is indeed the man!

Then came the inaugural address of President Noynoy Aquino. I must admit, I was glued to the television set, listening to his speech. I wasn't that interested in speeches before, but PNoy's speech was something worth listening to. He made it sound so natural. It wasn't really boring at all. It was supposed to be just for 10 minutes but it was actually 20 minutes long. But it's okay. He gave a view of what his government would be like in the next six years. I guess that part of his speech that stayed so much on my head was when he said that the Filipinos are his boss and that there'll be no more wang-wang's on the road, counterflows and kotongs.

Honestly, I was never a fan of Noynoy. I didn't even vote for him. I was even the one telling my friends and family that he doesn't deserve the people's votes because he's forever using the names of his parents. Right now, I still don't root for him. We still don't know if he could really bring change to the Philippines.

But yes, I am in one with the millions of Filipinos all over the world who are praying for a real great change to our country.

I am putting my faith in God and not to the new president because no matter what, it is still God who has the ultimate power to create change. I pray that He will use PNoy to make that change and that satan will not be given a chance to even get a hold of him, or at least whisper evil thoughts to him.

I hope that PNoy will not see money and power as brilliant and tantalizing as they looked before in the eyes of the previous governments. Instead, may true service and honest governance look more appealing to him. May the picture of the millions of Filipinos who believed in him shine on his thoughts everyday so that his main purpose of having that seat would really be carried out.

The Filipinos prayed for this change. a lot of measures had been observed and took place just to make sure that this year's election could really mean change. I say it was a success for it was not only a few influential and powerful people who chose the president now, like it used to be before. It was the people's choice this time. Hence, I am filled with high hopes for this new government.

I know PNoy is no Santa Claus that he could grant all our wishes and request, but I hope that he could at least grant the greatest wish of all---TO SERVE AND LEAD THE COUNTRY HONESTLY.

I have always been proud of being a Filipino, but I hope that with this new government, I would be even more proud to be called as one.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Charice Pempengco Look-Alike?

They say that when two people tell the same thing about you, then it's almost likely to be true--like 95% perhaps. For instance, if your your friend and your colleague tell you that you look like a certain celebrity, there's a possibility that it's true since two people told you so.

Okay, so here's my dilemma. I am seriously thinking that maybe, just maybe, i really look like Charice Pempengco. Oh please! Why? Because a highschool batchmate twice jested me by calling me Charice on chat, and a former colleague used to joke me around by calling me Charice whenever I go to their office. I mean, I admire Charice's talent and i love that she's making waves in the international scene now, but still, I don't want to look like her. Come on guys, I'm not making lait here. It's just that I am not much fond of her face.

Alright, so since I want to rid myself of this dilemma, I decided to ask my 3-year-old cousin Frey if I look like that girl on TV being interviewed (yes, it's Charice). Frey looked closely on the TV screen and looked at me. And I could jump with relief when she told me a crisp "NO."

Buti na lang! Kids are innocent creatures, you know. They always say what they truly feel inside. And i was glad to know that Frey didn't find me looking like Charice:-)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Winning the Battle against Paranoia

I have this thing in me that's called DEADLY PARANOIA. Define that? Okay, here it is.

Take 1. Sometimes, I don't like attending meetings in the church where I used to attend regularly kse I felt that people there are talking about me not being active in the church anymore. I know for sure that's not true but still, I let myself be affected with that nonsensical thoughts in my head.

Take 2. The last time I attended a service in that church was I think January pa. The reason: same reason as Take 1. I don't feel welcomed anymore. Then again, I know that's super not true but the paranoid me still chose to concede with the other thought.

Take 3. Whenever I walk into the room full of people, I am so paranoid that all eyes will look at me and observe whatever it is I'm wearing. i mean, not that I look so stunning and all; it's just that I'm super praning.

Take 4. I hate being late in a meeting (but I always do). i don't like it that all eyes will look at me when I enter the room and their attention will be diverted to me. If only I could just sneak or crawl inside without them noticing me.

Those are just some of my paranoia issues. I still have a lot in store. And right now, I want to burn all those pa in store. I just want to get rid of them for the rest of my life. They're just so unhealthy to keep. I know for sure they will just ruin me and will take my sanity away. Ayoko nang maging adik!

The solution? It's could be found in Psalm 55:22--CAST YOUR CARES UNTO THE LORD.

Perhaps, I have not been trusting HIm well enough that's why I am allowing these paranoia to overcome the best of me. Or perhaps, I put my trust on my own alone thinking this issue is not an issue that should be lifted to God.

Whatever. I know worrying and paranoia are things that don't come from God. So since I'm His daughter, I should totally eradicate these things from my system. I know doing that is not easy since there are things and obstacles in my everyday life which will prompt me to worry again, but knowing that I have a good Father in heaven who is always by my side and protecting me, I know I only need to say a word and He will take away those negative thoughts from my mind.

1 Peter 5:6,7 6 Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: 7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Define Zimbabwe

Pastor Nixon of VCF Malate gave the definition of ZIMBABWE during the 3pm service today.
According to him, Zimbabwe is the acronym for ZIMBA-UWE, which is referring to those people who will just go to church and then go home afterwards without even trying to talk to at least a single soul from the church. Ito yung mga taong ayaw ng small group or kung hindi man, walang panahon makipag-fellowship sa ibang tiga-church. Basta sila, nakikinig ng preaching, uuwi after, okay na yun.

Type mo ba yun? Ako hindi. Kaya importante para sa akin ang small group:-) Kailangan ko nang lisanin ang nasyon ng Zimbabwe!

Just the three of us:-) Happy Birthday Ma!

It was my Mom's 50-something birthday last Friday (June 25), and since we're three na lang in the house, we decided to celebrate it out na lang. My sister and I treated her to a late lunch at Larry's Cafe & Bar. Okay, so that does not sound like a 'for-lunch' resto, but we were left with no other option. Originally, we were supposed to eat at Healthy Kitchen in Serendra. I even searched and read reviews about that healthy resto for like 3 hours the night before just to make sure that we'll get our money's worth for the food we're going to eat. I was all giddy the night before and even while inside the cab on the way to Serendra because I saw that the place is good and fab. Just by looking at the pictures of Healthy Kitchen in the net, I could say that dining there would make you feel like you're blissfully eating in a home by the countryside. So excited, I super was!

Due to the super heavy traffic jam along EDSA, we arrived at Serendra I think around 3:30pm. When we finally found Healthy Kitchen, I was so heartbroken to read the signboard on the door: CLOSED. The resto's closed from 3pm to 6pm. So technically, Healthy Kitchen will be opened by 6:01 pm pa. I was okay to wait but of course, it was my mom's birthday and she was so dead hungry already bec we didn't even eat lunch in the house kse nga we were excited of Healthy Kitchen.

So off we went to look for other resto in Serendra. We looked and looked and still found none. Two reasons: 1. We don't like the food. 2. i don't have enough budget.

So since il be the one to pay for that lunch, i'd have to choose a place which serves yummy foods on a reasonable price. With reasonable I mean not going beyond 2k! I'm still poor! Waaahhh!

We would like to eat at Conti's na lang sana since we really loved their Chicken Ballotine there, and of course, the fave Mango Bravo. Sadly, we would have to wait pa for another 20 minutes kse they're full pa. We were so hungry na so we decided to take out Conti's from the option.

Then I saw Larry's Cafe & Bar. Actually, it was one of my top choices during my food review-reading moment the night before. I saw kse in the reviews that they serve yummy pasta there. I asked my mom and my sis if they want to try Larry's na lang. Since they were so gutom na, they decided to follow through na lang:-)

The rating: The setting was good. I think I could give it a rating of 8 out of 10. The carbonara and the other pasta which looked like lasagna with leaves inside (okay, i forgot the name!) tasted so delicious, but Larry's Grandburger was not really as appetizing as it was described.

We were supposed to have our dessert at Conti's kaya lang we felt so heavy after that sumptuous meal so we decided to take a walk muna. Then we passed by Croc's. My mom became so giddy about owning that pair of Croc's shoes she'd long been looking for in 168 mall (japeyks ito!) so my sister told her she'll buy that croc's shoes na lang for her as a gift since the perfume she promised was out of stock. So we asked for size 6. "Ay sorry wala na po kaming size 6 dito ng style na yan. Try ninyo po sa ibang branch."

Ayown oh! Nandun na eh! Mapapasakanya na eh. Biglang walang size? Waaahhhh!

But because she so wanted to have that shoes, we decided to go to Glorietta na lang and check if they have a size 6 there.

Luckily, they did. We could tell from her face that my mom was so happy:-)

Dessert time! We headed to Conti's in Greenbelt 2 to finally satisfy our cravings for sweets--especially Mango Bravo:-) We ordered just desserts kse we're still full pa from our late lunch thing at Larry's so we just ordered a slice of Mango Bravo, moist chocolate cake, and mocha sanzrival  My sweet tooth was happy again:-)

Since my sister was so bangag na and she wanted to go home na, we decided to go home na. And losers we were because we were welcomed by a super long queu in all taxi lanes of Glorietta. So my mom suggested that we watch a movie na lang kse it was raining na din that time. I suggested 'Letter to Juliet' and my sister looked at me like i'm sort of the most stupid girl she'd met. "Teh, lullabye yan eh. Kaya nga tayo manonood para magising ako eh tapos manonood tayo ng mala-lullabye na palabas. Baka bukas na lumabas nang sinehan niyan sa sobrang pagkatulog."

Boink! Oo nga naman. i'm just so.....!

Okay, so my mom just decided to have coffee at Gloria Jeans na lang since Starbucks were all full. Very bad choice. Gloria Jeans in Glorietta really fared so low among other coffee shops you can find along the vicinity. First off, the service was poor. I ordered for Peppermint Tea and the barista gave me brewed coffee. Plus, the lid of my iced latte cup didn't fit the cup well and it was so messy. As in tumutulo siya! Their wash room was awfully dirty and there was not even tissue inside. And the music!!!! They're playing old love songs! I mean, I love love songs din but it's just that those songs are soooo not for coffee shops! They could have just played a jazz song or something feel-good. If i were to rate them, it's negative zero!!!

Buti na lang that was the last part of the celebration na. At least, we didn't start off with something as disastrous as that.

Me, my mom, and my sister--we really had a great time last Friday. It was a total mother-daughters bonding time. It actually felt like the old times, when we were just little kids and my mom would bring us to Children's Playground after her Saturday's work. That thing was soo long ago, but because of our last Friday's episode, we were put back to those carefree times again.

We could only wish that Papa's with us physically to celebrate Mama's birthday. Oh well, we know naman that he's always with us in spirit. At least now he no longer needs to use a walker to walk with us. He could even walk farther than we could now. Papa will always be with us wherever we go because he's always in our hearts.

I think that thing about us missing Papa's presence was the only setback of my mom's bday celeb. Nevertheless, it was a fun-filled moment that i am sure to put inside my memory box that has a tag which says "PRICELESS."

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Papa's Day to the greatest Papa in the world!

Despite his physical absence, I still feel blessed that I was able to spend wonderful times with my pops: hugged him, kissed him, laid beside him on the bed, and had funny and witty convos with him. I know that we've served him well during the last few years of his life. Tomorrow's the first Father's Day celeb without him and im on emo-mode. Oh well, Happy Dads' Day Pa!

We terribly miss you. Kaya lang we know naman that you were no longer enjoying your life here on Earth because of the physical pains you're feeling kaya it would be very selfish of us if we'd still wish for you back. Cguro if you'll be back without those pains, that would be very fine. But just the same, God's plans are better than ours. He will not make a decision that would ruin His people's lives. I know God loves our family so much. He's been blessing us with love, happiness, and comfort. I know that you are better off now that you're already walking in the lovely garden of God in heaven. Love you Papa dearest!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Usapang Bata # 19

It was a rainy Wednesday evening. Frey and I were fighting over whether to close the window or not. She wants to close it but I don't.

FRey: Tatara mo na.

Me: wag na nga. kawawa naman yung halaman oh, wala siyang kasama.

Frey: Eh di ato na lang tatama niya.

Me: Oh cge, usap mo siya.

Frey: Eh lala naman tya dibig. (wala naman siya bibig)


Friday, June 18, 2010

To Voldemort

Dear Voldemort,

I called you as such because for now, you must not be named. That day when I followed up my writing application from you and you replied, I never had the slightest hint that you will cause me this confused feeling now.

Actually, I wasn't attracted to you the first time we talked online and I saw your profile pic. It was more like, "ah. siya pala un. ok, so what's my job?" Let's just say pag nakikita kita eh trabaho ang naiisip q:-)

Then we started to chat online--about work! Yes, work. work. work. I would buzz you often to ask if you have writing tasks for me or you will email me or ask if me im online 'cause you have some projects for me. That used to be just that. No strings attached. Just plain writer-client relationship.

And then I started noticing your kindness and your being too considerate of me.
It was like everything I say was okay with you. And I could feel your being extra friendly towards me.

"What are you doing this weekend?"

That killer question that really stunned me. I asked you why and then you told me "wala lang, hehe." I'm sure, there was something about that question.

And one more: "Meet me online.Hehe."

Un lang tsong pero Im sure iba din feeling mo nung cnabi mo un. I could feel you want to meet me. Okay fine! Lumelevel up na ang confidence q, but it's because you're showing signs and mixed signals.

Then you found out I'm from the same church as yours. "Cool so we might see each other." So you really want to see me. I swear, I could feel your gladness when you found out I'm part of your church, too.

Alright, you have a girlfriend and your super on for three years na so I know i really have to stop this nonsense. Dude, believe me, i'm super trying. It's just that it's hard eh.

Okay, so how can it be hard? You're not super striking. Actually, wala ka nga sa kalingkingan ng mga pangarap kong mukha ng lalake. So why nga?

Eto un:

Una. You're a Christian. You were born from a Christian family. I'm sure you love God and you fear Him as well. The top quality na hinahanap ko sa lalake.

Ikalawa. Of all the guys na nagpacute sken at na-meet ko after Oliver died, ikaw yung feeling ko eh safest to love. Why? Because I could see Oliver in you. I browsed over your FB profile (without adding you) and saw your GF's wall posts there. She's so sweet to you and she's always thanking you for everything so I could sense na you're giving her the happiest time of her life whenever she's with you. Just like what Oliver did to me and made me felt before. Both of you made the women you love feel like we're the most important people in the world to you.

Ikatlo. I think Oliver would approve of you. I'm sure he will like you. I mean, when he died, people around me have been telling me that I should learn to love again and be happy because that's what Oliver would want of me to do. Sabi pa nga nila, he'll be the one pa nga daw to look for that right man for me. I've never felt this relief with the other guys I've met before. Cguro kasi nde sila approve kay Oliver. But with you, I could really feel that he would love for me to end up with you.

Ikaapat. You're not an architect pero you're sort of a computer expert. IT pede na. Kasama sa top choices ko for a soon-to-be boyfriend eh kung hindi architect, engineer, or IT professional or something computer related and profession. Pasok ka dun sa last. Un nga lang, writer ka din. Ayoko sana ng parehas kong writer. Bahala na.

Ikalima. You climb mountains. Im not sure if you're a mountaineer but I could see in your photos that you do trek and hike. Kasama din yan sa mga qualities na hinahanap ko. So, pasok ka na naman:-)

Ika-anim. I think your family is nice and they're not high-maintenance. I saw your photos with your family kse nga instalk na kita kahit sa Multiply and I could say from their looks na they're not hard to please. Plus point pa na they're Christians din.

Ika-pito. I think you will understand about Oliver and you will be able to accept the fact that you have to share a space with him in my heart. Ewan ko. Basta na-feel ko lang na you will understand. And also, i think you will allow and will not ask any question if ever isasama ko sa entourage ang parents ni Oliver. And i mean, they'll march before me and my mom sa aisle. Oliver's parents are just sooo special to me kaya the guy whom I'm going to marry must be open to that idea. And i think you will be:-)

So there, I gave you my 7 reasons why it's been so tough for me to stop thinking about you. I've been praying so hard for this to stop kasi this is wrong. It's like I'm committing adultery--you have a GF so it's bad. You know that, you're a Christian, too.

I just had to blurt all these out because this is the only avenue I could think of para nde ako sumabog ngaun. Hindi kita crush. Hindi rin ako infatuated sa'yo. Iba lang ang feeling ko sa'yo. For now, I;ll just leave everything to God. After all, He's the author of the best love stories every written. Wag nating pangunahan.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

For someone who will be starting a new journey in China....

Right now, I just want to shoot myself to death. i'm feeling so guilty. One of my dear friends is going to China and he'll be staying there for a year and i didn't even exert much effort to meet him or at least see him before he leaves. Why am I being like this? I'm feeling so bad. seriously.

I know it's just a year, but still, it's a year--12 months, 365 days of not seeing him. well, we're not really the kind of friends who often see each other. sometimes nga i feel that we only see each other mga twice a year lang. so supposed to be, there's no big deal, really, right? but still, there's a big difference knowing that that person is here in the Philippines and you have all the chance to see him if you want versus knowing that person is living in a foreign land, miles apart from you. ang laking difference, promise!

I love you so much. You know that! I just don't understand myself why when I read your FB message, I suddenly want to be MIA. weird. i don't know what came into me.

I came up with some possible reasons why I felt that way:

1. The Long FB Thread
-could it be the long thread na sabi mo nga eh sobrang daldal ng mga taong involved kaya nde
na din ako maka-epal?

2. Insecure na naman aq sa frogs?
-perhaps, I felt so out of tune with the way you guys care for each other and are so attached with each other kaya i decided not to see you na lang kse i felt that no matter what, iba pa din ang frogs. Oo na, insecure na naman aq sa kanila! But don't worry, there'll be no disliking karen part 2 here. i told u, i started to love her na din:-) Maybe i'm insecure with the kind of friendship you guys have.

3. I don't know what to give you
- before i accidentally bumped into you sa the block, i was thinking of a nice stuff to give you. then you told me nga that you're afraid you might run out of oil control film. so i decided na when il see you, il hand you a good number of oil control films, enough to get you through the whole year without oiliness. pero i realized, you're going to buy that na nga eh so para ano pa ung bibilhin ko.

4. I'm feeling so fat now so I don't want to see old faces muna.
- and i don't want them to see me. sigh. ang arte-arte ko, i know! a very lame excuse not to see you.

5. I don't want dramas.
- the same thing that you don't want dramas. I want to think that you leaving for china is just a simple thing. like it's not really a big deal. i mean, hey! we could still see each other after a year, right? u know me, nde aq madrama. i'm not transparent with my emotions. maton kung maton lang. nde ako sweet. minsan lang. but i love you. u know that. i just don't want tight-hugs-with-matching-teary-eyes scenes. nde aq un. ewan ko kung ikaw un. basta nde aq un. perhaps i tried to escape that supposed scene kaya i dcided not to see you na lang. i don't know how to act kse eh. pansin mo when i saw you sa the block, i'm trying to think of the right way to act in front of a friend who's about to leave for abroad. really. weird.

Going back to the Number 2 item, pede din naman nde insecure. Cguro the kind of friendship you have is something that's a bit unusual to me. You guys give so much time, care and affection to your friendship.

The things that i seldom give my friends. I always have lame excuses not to meet you and them. I always have reasons not to text you and them. But I do love you and them. It's just that I don't want to be too attached. That's something that I learned when I lost a great love. being attached too much would make you cry so much when that person leaves you. and i don't want to experience that anymore. kaya cguro i'm trying to detach myself from my friends. and because of that, guilt is encapsulating my whole system now. feelng ko im burning bridges and i don't even know why.

I don't know how many times i made you feel that i care for and love you in the entire course of our friendship. while you are always giving me surprises--gifts, visits, etc--i seldom do that to you. cguro pinaka effort q na was during your 25th bday. un na un! while on my way back to manila yesterday, i saw a flower shop and i thought of you. i thought of those times when i was confined in the hospital and you're the only one who'd rush your way just to check of i'm doing okay. i thought of those times when you papa was in the hospital and you'd visit him. he loves you, u know. i thought of the million of things you've done for me. we seldom spend time with each other but i could always feel your care for me.

I''m sure going to miss you. beyond words. i may not be that good a friend to you, but know for sure that i am a friend no matter what. i'm just not the type who would always check on her friends to know if they're okay. but i love you. i treasure our friendship so much. i'm always proud of it.

This blog is dedicated to you. syempre ikaw naman ang sole subject nito. i know this is nothing as compared to me seeing you or joining your dinner. i did it because this is the only way i know to let you know that i'm really going to miss you. alam mo naman, i always burn my emotions and thoughts in my writings.

Most of all, I'm so proud of you. I'm happy that you've finally find your way to the realization of your dreams. I'll be praying for a good life for you there.

Walang drama. basahin mo lang. tawanan mo. umarte ka, pwede din. wag mo lang ookrayin at bebembangin kita.

I love you ***Teach! take care! Be safe always!Mwahhh!

***ayan na! i cut out those words na*** lugi ka pa?!