Sunday, September 22, 2013

DZONE BACKPACKER'S INN: A Cheapskate's Haven in Tagaytay

Back when I didn't yet have the license and the moolah to travel on my own, I used to believe that traveling to Tagaytay would really require quite a good sum of pocket money. Transportation, food, accommodation, and entrance fees to the tourist spots...what else? You need moolah to pay for these--not unless you are going to Tagaytay with your fam or your generous-of-a-friend decides to give you some spur-of-the-moment treat in this somehow chilly place. 

Now that I'm already earning my own money, I realized that traveling to Tagaytay on my own doesn't really need a month or two of penny-pinching. You just need to have the budgeting and researching prowess to do so. Look for activities you can do in Tagaytay that will not require you to shell out big moolah for entrance fee alone. Moreover, it's best to look for places to stay that's comfy enough but is not priced too high. A backpackers inn is recommended especially if you have limited budget but needs a nice and comfy place to stay for a night or two. You don't have to go to Bangkok or Europe to experience or be tagged a backpacker because you can already do it just by hailing a bus going to Tagaytay and enduring an hour or 2 bus ride. 

A backpackers inn is still quite new to the ears of most Filipinos especially those who are used to staying in a posh hotel when they travel. A backpackers inn is most commonly known as hostel. It is a budget-oriented shared room, more like a dormitory, which accepts individual travelers or groups for short-term stays. A backpackers inn has common areas and communal facilities.Those who are a little particular with sharing bathroom or toilet with other people may find this set-up kind of off but those who are up for the game and are not so picky will have no problem with it. When I went to Bangkok two months ago, I saw there a lot of backpackers inn catering to tourists from all over the world. Backpackers lodges are a good choice especially if you are more interested in the place you're going and the experience you'll be having in that particular place. Thus, if adventure and experience is much important to you rather than convenience, a backpackers inn would do well for you.

In Tagaytay, there's a backpackers inn offering the comfort of an average hostel for a price that's easy on the budget---DZONE BACKPACKERS INN. It is actually located in Silang Cavite but it's only a few minutes away from Tagaytay city centre.

I stayed there for one night with my family since we would like to celebrate my mom's birthday in Tagaytay. It is a 4-storey building with a total of 16 rooms distributed in three floors. You can choose from their following rooms:
Econo Fan Room for 4 persons - Php1,600/night with breakfast

Standard Fan Room for 2 persons - Php 1,200/night with breakfast

Econo Air-con Room for 4 persons - Php2,400/night with breakfast

Deluxe Room with Aircon for 2 persons - Php 1,800/night with breakfast
Superior room for 2 persons - Php2,000 /night with breakfast
Do take note that only the superior room has a comfort room inside. As for the other rooms, there is an allotted comfort room for each at the end of the hallway. Guests will be given a key for their room's CR. 

DZONE Backpackers Inn is perfect for those who love to have a break from the busy and noisy city life and just spend a quiet night or two of Tagaytay exploration. Cheapskates like me will definitely find this a happy place! 

Moreover, those who are attending a wedding in Tagaytay need not worry themselves on where to stay before and after the event, especially that Manila is still almost 2 hours away from Tagaytay. You can just tag your other friends attending the wedding and spend the night at DZONE for less than the usual cost at a 3-star hotel in Tagaytay. 

And the wifi! It's ultra fast I tell you! 

So the next time you feel the need to break free from the hullabaloos of the city, you already know there's a place that could cater to your "trip trip lang" and "biglaang Tagaytay" moments :D

Address: Km. 53.5 90 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Buho, Silang Cavite
Contact Number: (046) 5441035/ 09228189144