Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life is a piece of cake

Life is like a cake---certain awful tasting ingredients like raw egg, flour, etc, need to be mixed with sweet sugar in order to create a delicious cake which we'll surely enjoy. In our life, God allows bad things to happen for us to learn and be the person that He desires us to be.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Usapang Bata # 5

Since I'm now a full-pledged Teacher Apple, I'll have more collections of funny, witty, sensible, and straigh-from-the innocent hearts USAPANG BATA posts.

For my second day as Teacher Apple at Escuela Legarda, these are some of the prominent UB I overheard and gathered from my cute students:

Usapang bata A:

Theo: Danielle, I have a gift for you for your birthday. It's Dora!
Danielle: Eh why did you tell me na? My birthday's next week pa.
Theo: (just giggled and run away from Danielle)

Usapang bata B:

Me: Hi Jacob! What are you drawing?
Jacob: pang-huli ng dolphin
Me: oh, okay.
Jacob: Teacher, can you draw me fishes, too?
Me: Sure! (I drew fish-like sketches).
Jacob: I want crabs, too. With sipit.
Me: Alright. (me wondering how to draw a crab). You want me to draw you an octopus, instead?
Jacob: Ok.
(after i finished drawing the octopus-like whatever......)
Jacob: Wow! (showed the drawing to Teacher Bea) Look, we have an octopus! VERY NICE!
(he said that like a big man approving a proposal:-))

I just love kids!

Usapang Bata #4

One night, my cousin 4-year old cousin JM, went to our house to make tambay. I was half-sleep then 'cause I was not feeling well that time. My mom asked my 4-year old cousin JM, if he's praying to God every night:

JM: nag-ppray ako kay Jesus. Ikaw Tita?
My mom: oo naman.
JM: ano pinagppray mo?
My Mom: bigyan niya akong pera. Ikaw? Ano pinagppray mo kay Jesus?
JM: Mabuhay tayong lahat ng matagal.

Pure. unadulterated. selfless.
I suddenly felt the urge to hug JM right after. That's one of the best lines I've ever heard from a little child.