Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just the three of us:-) Happy Birthday Ma!

It was my Mom's 50-something birthday last Friday (June 25), and since we're three na lang in the house, we decided to celebrate it out na lang. My sister and I treated her to a late lunch at Larry's Cafe & Bar. Okay, so that does not sound like a 'for-lunch' resto, but we were left with no other option. Originally, we were supposed to eat at Healthy Kitchen in Serendra. I even searched and read reviews about that healthy resto for like 3 hours the night before just to make sure that we'll get our money's worth for the food we're going to eat. I was all giddy the night before and even while inside the cab on the way to Serendra because I saw that the place is good and fab. Just by looking at the pictures of Healthy Kitchen in the net, I could say that dining there would make you feel like you're blissfully eating in a home by the countryside. So excited, I super was!

Due to the super heavy traffic jam along EDSA, we arrived at Serendra I think around 3:30pm. When we finally found Healthy Kitchen, I was so heartbroken to read the signboard on the door: CLOSED. The resto's closed from 3pm to 6pm. So technically, Healthy Kitchen will be opened by 6:01 pm pa. I was okay to wait but of course, it was my mom's birthday and she was so dead hungry already bec we didn't even eat lunch in the house kse nga we were excited of Healthy Kitchen.

So off we went to look for other resto in Serendra. We looked and looked and still found none. Two reasons: 1. We don't like the food. 2. i don't have enough budget.

So since il be the one to pay for that lunch, i'd have to choose a place which serves yummy foods on a reasonable price. With reasonable I mean not going beyond 2k! I'm still poor! Waaahhh!

We would like to eat at Conti's na lang sana since we really loved their Chicken Ballotine there, and of course, the fave Mango Bravo. Sadly, we would have to wait pa for another 20 minutes kse they're full pa. We were so hungry na so we decided to take out Conti's from the option.

Then I saw Larry's Cafe & Bar. Actually, it was one of my top choices during my food review-reading moment the night before. I saw kse in the reviews that they serve yummy pasta there. I asked my mom and my sis if they want to try Larry's na lang. Since they were so gutom na, they decided to follow through na lang:-)

The rating: The setting was good. I think I could give it a rating of 8 out of 10. The carbonara and the other pasta which looked like lasagna with leaves inside (okay, i forgot the name!) tasted so delicious, but Larry's Grandburger was not really as appetizing as it was described.

We were supposed to have our dessert at Conti's kaya lang we felt so heavy after that sumptuous meal so we decided to take a walk muna. Then we passed by Croc's. My mom became so giddy about owning that pair of Croc's shoes she'd long been looking for in 168 mall (japeyks ito!) so my sister told her she'll buy that croc's shoes na lang for her as a gift since the perfume she promised was out of stock. So we asked for size 6. "Ay sorry wala na po kaming size 6 dito ng style na yan. Try ninyo po sa ibang branch."

Ayown oh! Nandun na eh! Mapapasakanya na eh. Biglang walang size? Waaahhhh!

But because she so wanted to have that shoes, we decided to go to Glorietta na lang and check if they have a size 6 there.

Luckily, they did. We could tell from her face that my mom was so happy:-)

Dessert time! We headed to Conti's in Greenbelt 2 to finally satisfy our cravings for sweets--especially Mango Bravo:-) We ordered just desserts kse we're still full pa from our late lunch thing at Larry's so we just ordered a slice of Mango Bravo, moist chocolate cake, and mocha sanzrival  My sweet tooth was happy again:-)

Since my sister was so bangag na and she wanted to go home na, we decided to go home na. And losers we were because we were welcomed by a super long queu in all taxi lanes of Glorietta. So my mom suggested that we watch a movie na lang kse it was raining na din that time. I suggested 'Letter to Juliet' and my sister looked at me like i'm sort of the most stupid girl she'd met. "Teh, lullabye yan eh. Kaya nga tayo manonood para magising ako eh tapos manonood tayo ng mala-lullabye na palabas. Baka bukas na lumabas nang sinehan niyan sa sobrang pagkatulog."

Boink! Oo nga naman. i'm just so.....!

Okay, so my mom just decided to have coffee at Gloria Jeans na lang since Starbucks were all full. Very bad choice. Gloria Jeans in Glorietta really fared so low among other coffee shops you can find along the vicinity. First off, the service was poor. I ordered for Peppermint Tea and the barista gave me brewed coffee. Plus, the lid of my iced latte cup didn't fit the cup well and it was so messy. As in tumutulo siya! Their wash room was awfully dirty and there was not even tissue inside. And the music!!!! They're playing old love songs! I mean, I love love songs din but it's just that those songs are soooo not for coffee shops! They could have just played a jazz song or something feel-good. If i were to rate them, it's negative zero!!!

Buti na lang that was the last part of the celebration na. At least, we didn't start off with something as disastrous as that.

Me, my mom, and my sister--we really had a great time last Friday. It was a total mother-daughters bonding time. It actually felt like the old times, when we were just little kids and my mom would bring us to Children's Playground after her Saturday's work. That thing was soo long ago, but because of our last Friday's episode, we were put back to those carefree times again.

We could only wish that Papa's with us physically to celebrate Mama's birthday. Oh well, we know naman that he's always with us in spirit. At least now he no longer needs to use a walker to walk with us. He could even walk farther than we could now. Papa will always be with us wherever we go because he's always in our hearts.

I think that thing about us missing Papa's presence was the only setback of my mom's bday celeb. Nevertheless, it was a fun-filled moment that i am sure to put inside my memory box that has a tag which says "PRICELESS."

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