Monday, August 16, 2010

I Can Only Imagine (with lyrics) - MercyMe

I can only imagine
What it will be like
When I walk
By your side

I can only imagine
What my eyes will see
When your face
Is before me
I can only imagine

I can only imagine

Surrounded by Your glory, what will my heart feel
Will I dance for you Jesus or in honour of you be still
Will I stand in your presence or to my knees will I fall
Will I sing hallelujah, will I be able to speak at all
I can only imagine

I can only imagine

I can only imagine
When that day comes
When I find myself
Standing in the Son

I can only imagine
When all I will do
Is forever
Forever worship You
I can only imagine

I can only imagine


I can only imagine [x2]

I can only imagine
When all I will do
Is forever, forever worship you

I can only imagine

This is such a heartwarming, tearjerky song. I was having my quiet time with God last night when I decided to play this song. Few seconds later, i found myself crying intensely. I feel so overwhelmed with the thought of seeing Jesus face to face and walking beside him on the cloudy streets of heaven. Last night was one breakthrough night. I love Jesus but it was last night that I've fallen very deeply in love with Him and the thought of Him. I am crazy about Him. I am very much longing to see Him. I am just terribly in awe of Him. I hope and pray that this love will never fade--that no amount of trials or problems would take this love from Him. I am just so filled with His loving presence now. I hope that the rest of the world could feel what I am feeling right now. Intense love for the one and only Savior.

Mountain-Climbing or Mountain-moving Faith?

Which kind of faith do you want to have? I say both. Each of them has its own 'perks' in the way you want to connect intimately with Jesus.

Mountain-moving faith is when you ask God for miracles to happen so you will be saved from whatever circumstance you may having at the moment. It is great kind of faith since you are giving your full trust to the one and only God. You are not relying on your own strength but on God's.

Mountain-climbing faith is when you ask God for maturity. It is when you ask God to do something for you and THROUGH you. You can say a mountain-climbing faith supersedes the mountain-moving faith. When you keep telling that mountain to move but it does not move, then perhaps God wants us to CLIMB that mountain. He has a different plan for us that is why He wants us to climb the mountain. It is not an easy thing to climb a mountain--literally and figuratively. It entails hard work, pain, and patience. It is however, during the climbing process that we could understand the lesson that God wants us to learn in order to develop our character so that we could be worthy of His provisions for us. It is on the top of the mountain that we could get to know and understand the real God we are worshipping. You can rest assure that when you get to the top of the mountain, you can meet God's provisions in your life.

We face a lot of challenges everyday of our lives. Some are easy to handle while some may seem too much for us to take. But no matter what, know that our faith in God will always lead us through. Do not demand from God but instead, know your place before Him. He is the ever powerful God and more than anyone else, He is the One who knows what's best for you. Just trust. just keep the faith no matter what.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Magnolia Frozen Delight

Can I just turn back time now? I'm yearning for the times when these TVCs were staple commercials on our TV screen.

Coke Ad - 80s

Super old school. I'm terribly missing the old times:-(

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Culprits of My New-found Happiness

I keep telling this since the day I started threading this road to teaching little kids: I So LOVE MY JOB! Really. There was no dull moment. Everyday is a new day filled with laughter and amusement over kids' carefree and innocent acts. I just feel so blessed to have been called to this kind of mission. It's never work at all because I'm really having fun:-)

Just to clue you in on what's keeping me extra jovial, carefree, and still busy these days, following are the culprits:

Aaron - He is the youngest in the class. Just 2 years old but he already knows the entire Alphabet and the numbers altough bulol nga lang some letters and words. He's the most makalat of all din but he's willing to pack away naman when you ask him to.

AE - The other half of the Sistoso brothers. Just 3-years-old. You seldom see him smile and he's always tulala in the corner. Always looking around lang but he likes to work. Pagpasok pa lang niya, lalapit na agad siya sken to say: "Teacher ako work."

Angel - One of my favorites:-) He's the older brother of AE but he's much bulol and a little smaller. I think he underwent an operation when he was just a baby which resulted to a later development of his mind and body. But he's really so much fun to be with. Actually makita ko pa lang siya na naglalakad papasok sa gate ng school, natatawa na ako. para siyang cartoon character:-) Super OC din nang batang to. Pagpasok sa room, he'll go straight to his cubbyhole, take off his shoes and arrange his bag there. Kapag nagalaw nang konti ang ayos ng shoes ninyo habang pinapasok niya ang bag niya, lalabas niya ulit lahat tsaka niya aayusin. As in 5-8 minutes siyang nandun, trying to perfect the arrangement of his things inside the cubbyhole. He owns the famous Dadangle and Dedangle, and WAWAWU words.

Allen - One of the makulit boys in the class pero one of the sweetest din. He's 4-years old na. He's still bulol. He calls his tita Lemy yun pala Remy pala talaga ang name niya. Always farts. What I like about this boy is that he always asks for me pag wala pa ako sa school.

Cole - The Kuya in the class. he's 5 years old na. He's the most improved din. During the summer class, super naughty and unruly siya. But since the start of the regular school year, he's really changed a lot. He's still makulit but he's manageable na. He likes working na din. He's one of the sweetest din kasi everytime he sees me walk inside the classroom, he would always say: Teacher Apple!. And everytime may toy siyang hawak, any toy, or he got a star, or his baon, he would show it to me.

Dylan - Cute cute little angel:-) he's just 2 years old but he could already say some English words straight. He likes Apple Juice sooo much. When you ask him what did he eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, he would only answer: APPLE JUICE. Whenever I ask him, do you love teacher, he would say YES and hug me tight. One thing lang that I sort of don't like about him: He always makes poo-poo in school:-)

Eldrich - The cute guy in school. He's 5 years old but he is suffering from ASD or Autistic Soectrum Disorder that is why he needs extra attention and guidance. He would grab toys from his classmates and he can't control his urge whenever he sees chocolates of any sort from his classmate's baon. Good thing his classmates seem to understand him and no one fights with him. I like it when he looks at me when I sing 6 little ducks whenever I am trying to ask him to work on his writing notebook. And i love it more when he hugs me tighthly.

Joaqui - The classic. The naughtiest. The most papansin. The kid you wouldn't want to last a day without. He's just 3 years old but he's already very maloko. He used to cry like a river whenever his mamang (yaya) leaves him inside the classroom. But now, he would even close the door so his mamang could leave na. He's like the notorious kid when you speak of highschool. He's just 3 years old but his classmates are following his kalokohan. As in leader sa kalokohan. Wala na kaming magawa when he would bring his lunch bag and his bag into the big mat and show his tummy to tell he's already hungry. He likes making patay-patayan to make papansin. One time, during the circle time, he sat beside Isabel and held her hands. When Isabel removed his hands, he hugged Isabel from the back. You could always hear him say "Gu'moning teacher!" kahit wala pa siyang nakikitang teacher dahil papasok pa lang siya sa gate. Scripted talaga:-) and after class, he would always say," habadudey." Go figure out what that means.

Isabel - The prim and proper. The Valedictorian. This little girl just turned 3 years old but she already knows how to read and spell words. Such an Einstein baby! She's close to being one of the boys na din kasi boys like to be with her. As in they follow whatever she says. She's very timid but when she talks, they really listen. During work time, whenever she sees Kacy not focusing in her work, she would call her and say: Kacy, you work na!

Kacy - This little girl is the look-alike of the wife of my crush before. She's nice naman but it's just so hard for her to focus. She's always distracted and she always copies her classmates. I think I heard her dad mentioned before that she's suffering from PSD deficiency or some sort of delay in the development of her brains. She always stutter whenever she talks.

Rocco - The new kid in class. super makulit--makulit in a way na maiinis ka na. I am still in the process of liking this kid because he's just sooo unruly. He bites his classmates, grabs toys, or hits whenever he's not given what he asks. i think this kid lacks attention from his family, especially his mom. His mom kasi is working in Cotabato, I think, and he's left under the care of his Lola. He loves attention that's why he's being naughty, and I pity him. I'm really trying to extend pa my string of patience for this kid 'cause I know he really has his own issues. I actually feel good whenever this kid would look at me in the eye and listen to my sermon. He may not understand the importance of what I am saying as a whole but I know in time he'll change.

11 souls. 11 different personalities. A million reason for the smiles and the laughters in the Escuela Legarda classroom. To be honest, I am a little weary of the thought of March because it means that we'll have to say goodbye to these little angels na. The same thing that I felt when the kids of school year 2009-2010 left Escuela Legarda to move to the big school na. Oh well, i will just enjoy it now while they're still with us:-)

Usapang Bata # 23

While teaching the little kids the Alphabets, shapes, colors, and numbers, I collected some of their classic bulol way of saying various things:

According to them:

W is either Wawawu or Wable U.

F is either Fe or Efs

Rectangle is Dedangle

Triangle is Dadangle

oblong is Odlong

Circle is Ikel

Square is twer

Moon is mu

Blue is Dlu

Yellow is Wallow

Violet is Aylet

Two is Wu

Everyday is really wonderful with these kids around:-) I just can't help but laugh at the thought of them and their funny antics:-)

Usapang Bata # 22

One morning in school. The kulit new kid Rocco is crying because Teacher Beia reprimanded him because of his naughty acts. He was crying loud when the notorious kulit boy Joaqui and Dylan walked towards him. Joaqui and Dylan sat in front of Rocco and talked to him in a bulol way:

Joaqui and Dylan: (looking at Rocco intensely) No, no.

Rocco: (cries even louder)

Joaqui: No no! Don't cry. (umiiling pa with matching pikit ng mata.)

When Rocco didn't stop crying, Joaqui held Rocco's face and kept on saying: "No, don't cry."

Usapang Bata # 21

Si Frey, as usual nasa bahay na naman namin. Sa bahay siya nag-siesta. Paggising niya, pinapa-wiwi na siya ni mama pero ayaw niya kse hindi pa daw siya nawiwiwi. Makalipas ang ilang minuto, nagsabi siya na nawiwiwi na siya. Dali-dali siyang nagpadala sa'kin sa CR. Pero bago dumating sa CR, as in nasa pinto na ng CR, bigla na lang siyang nawiwi. Syempre, nabasa ang panty at shorts niya, pati na ang slipper ni Mama.

Pagdating sa kwarto, wala na siyang panty pero hindi napapansin ni Mama.

Ako: Pepey, di ba may kasalanan ka?

Frey: Wala taya!

Ako: Meron eh. Sabihin mo na.

Frey: Awala aman ako atalanan eh.

MAma: Ano ba yung kasalanan mo daw?

Ako: Tingnan mo Ma, wala siyang panty.

Mama: Bakit? Nasan ba panty mo?

Frey: Alika, atuturo ko sa'yo

(At hinatak ni Pepey si mama sa CR)

Mama: Asan na?

Frey: Ayun oh! indi mo akikita? Aiihi ko din lelas mo oh.

(Sabay daan sa tawa)

Usapang Bata # 20

Si Frey (2 years old) naglalakad sa street namin papunta sa bahay ng lola ko. Kasama niya si Mama. Nadaanan nila ang kapitbahay naming kung tawagin nila ay Jang Geum (somewhere between 30-40 years old) sa kadahilanang hindi ko alam:

Frey: Maya na lang ha.

Jang Geum: O cge okay lang.

(Bumalik ulet si Frey)

Frey: Wala ta na talaga pela?

Jang Geum: Wala na eh.

Frey: Ano ba adidili mo?

Jang Geum: Bibili kasi ako ng pagkain namin eh. Hindi pa kasi kami kumakain eh.

Frey: Wala pa tasi ako pela eh. Maya na lang ha. Biday q tau maya ah.

Jang Geum: Sige okay lang.

Nagtataka syempre ang nanay ko kung ano ang pinaguusapan ni Frey at ng kapitbahay naming si Jang Geum. Tinanong niya si Frey.

Mama: ano ba pinaguusapan ninyo?

Frey: Eh tasi auutang tya taken na pela tate wala tya dambili padtain nila.\

Mama: eh may pera ka ba?

Frey: ala pa na eh taya tabi ko mya na lang eh.

***naks naman si Frey! Bata pa lang generous na:-) Jino-joke nga lang pala siya ni Jang Geum. At in fairness, naging close sila;-)