Thursday, January 7, 2010

Farewell Tweets of Michelle for me:-)

My super adik friend Michelle kept devoted her entire day today bullying me through twitter. Seemed as though she started enjoying her twitter page because of me:-) hahahah!

her tweets:

facebook news: michelle just bought a machine gun from mafia wars and is about to shoot jun pyo's recent, crazy fan - apple lopez.

Apple, please stop the SUBTLE TORTURE!! With your annoying korean song and JUN PYO....>>(MafiaWars: michelle bought wild e coyote)

apple lopez is leaving mandarin for good. countdown: 1 day. I.T. will upgrade her desktop on monday! nyahaha!

apple, since it's your last day tomorrow, the world needs to know... 1. your super crushes: philip queyquep & lex, trainee or Capt's Bar!

apple, since it's your last day tomorrow, the world needs to know...2. your workstation looks like alice's wonderland, WORST version.

apple, the world needs to know...4. that your friends are clueless about u, wonders where the heck you got that level of confidence??

apple, the world needs to know...5. that you don't find eating as pleasure but habit.

repost: apple, the world should know>3.the Christmas gifts u gave your friends should have a note "wrappers&ribbons, compliments of momnl"

apple, the world needs to know... 6. your total working hrs is 10. work=3hrs, cyberstalk=2hrs , loiter=5hrs.

repost: apple, the world needs to know... 7. you WENT on leave to stalk your crush once. route:buendia>makati ave>ayala>makati ave>buendia.

Seriously, even if this lady is really an adik most of the time, i find these tweets sweet:-) It's like her way of saying she'll surely miss me:-) and in fairness to her, she has a future in writing how-to articles:-)

Sigh. I'll surely miss my MOMNL family:-)