Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am giving my pen to the Best Author of Life.

"Give your pen to God and allow Him to write your life story and let it be a proof of His love and compassion for His children."

The credits for the inspiring words above goes to our church Pastor Ado Bernardo who preached in the morning service at VCF Malate today. His preaching and the string of words were just so powerful I couldn't afford to not blog about it.

As a Christian, I've long submitted my life to God. I know I always say that God will always be on top of my every decisions. I must admit, however, that there were times when I seem to set God aside and just went on with my heart's desire without earnestly asking for His guidance. Some on purpose, some just being the unmindful and careless me. And yes, I know that by being this way, I am not fulfilling my duty as a daughter of God. I am hurting HIm in ways I could not imagine. I am neglecting His purpose and His will for my life which I know is too painful to bear if you are a parent or if you care for someone so much.

Good thing about being a born again Christian, though, I already have knowledge about these things. Since the time I welcomed God in my life and in my heart, I know that God should be the center of all my actions, my thoughts, and even my words. I may have failed in a number of moments in my life because I'm still a work in progress, but still, I have this conviction of God's glorious role in my life my role in His Kingdom as well.

The desires of my heart which I pursued without seeking for God's approval just gave me failures and disappointments. The decisions I made without totally listening to God's voice brought me twinges and despair. The moments of despair for those decisions made not centered on God were special moments for me to realize that God so love me that He wants me to live a wonderful and happy life, but I am just too stubborn to follow His will.

God has a various ways of showing us His love and concern, and sometimes, we are just too self-centered or perhaps too numb brought about by worldly pleasures that we don't seem to feel His love.

Today, I once again lifted my hopes and my heart's desires to God. I asked for forgiveness for those times that I seemed to disregard His will. There is only one God and I vow never to follow again the scheming god within me. For now until forever, I will only entrust my life to the hands of God and I will let Him write my story the way He wants it to be. My own pen will run out of ink and could be broken easily but God's plans and His words will endure forever.

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