Monday, July 12, 2010

I am friends with Mother Earth:-)

My 13-year-old cousin Bea just flattered me. She picked me from among her friends in Facebook as a person who really loves the environment! Weepeee!

Alright, that seems flimsy for some, but for me, that means a lot. Hey people! In this present time when only a few members of the human race sincerely care for the environment, it's an honor that some people really credit you for that. There was also one time when my 6-year-old cousin Chloe asked my mom how am I related to Mother Earth because I always tell them that Mother Earth would be hurt if they will not throw their trashes in the trash bin. I love it that my cousins think of me as Mother Earth's special friend because they think I so love and care about the environment:-)

To be honest, I've always have this special connection with Mother Earth. It's like I could feel her sadness whenever I see people carelessly throwing their litters anywhere they want or vehicles emitting air-polluting chemicals, and other inconsiderate acts of the human race towards her.

I must admit, back then, I was also as careless and inconsiderate as the rest of the people in this planet. I would throw my candy wrappers on the floor, on the streets, or anywhere but not in the trash can. I used to not care about wasting paper over nonsensical stuff. I used to be very insensitive of Mother Earth's feelings. And I regret it so much. It actually felt like I was hurting my mom with harsh words or actions. I know in my heart I love Mother Earth, i love and appreciate the nature but I just can't seem to discipline myself from throwing garbages anywhere.

I don't know when did I actually start being a full-time advocate of clean environment. When i say full-time, it means I don't just feel my love for the nature but I also do something to show her my love. One thing's for sure, I just tried practicing the throwing of my litters on the trash bin for a day. After that day, it felt good so I continued doing that the following day, and the rest is history. Let's just say the adage PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT worked best for me in this kind of quest.

Now, i'm proud to say that I never ever throw any kinds of litter on the floor or on the streets or anywhere. I would keep that trash until i could see a garbage can to throw it. I'm also in the process of passing this kind of love for Mother Earth to my cousins, my nieces and nephews, and my little students. I always tell them to throw their trash in the garbage can or keep it until they could see one trash bin where they could throw that. I always tell them stories about nature and the environment so they would have a clear view of how nice a clean environment is. I bring my cousins to places where there are many trees and green fields so they could appreciate the beauty of nature.

This may not be a huge act but I know for sure that this simple thing would create a huge difference in how these young people would treat the environment. Little by little, I could see the changes in them. Now, they would really throw their trashes on the garbage can even if i'm not around. As they grow old, I know for sure this simple legacy will not depart from their hearts and minds. Who knows, maybe in time, they will be the one to do the Mother-nature-story-telling to their younger cousins or kids. I believe it's just a matter of starting it so the rest will follow.

My hope is that the rest of the human race would soon learn to really love and appreciate the nature--that there'll be no more illegal logging, dynamite fishing activities, and all the other activities that would really hurt and destroy the environment. I know ours isn't yet a hopeless case. As long as there's God who could always hear our prayers, everything will be possible.

This is our home. Let's all do our share in keeping it clean and green:-)

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