Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Thank You List of 2009

I cannot consider 2009 a good year for me. So-so perhaps. Though, I still have a lot to be thankful for as this year is coming to an end.

*i'm still here, alive and kicking:-)
*my whole family's still complete.
*my papa's still with us, despite experiencing a near-death event.
*I am still a Christian and loving it. I am so grateful that God chose me to be part of His family of believers.
*I became part of the Kids Ministry in our church.
*I got to know a lot of people whom i will treasure forever.
*I still have a house and our stuff are still complete despite the Ondoy tragedy.
*Despite recession, I could still get to eat 3x a day--even more:-)
*I still have Oliver's family to call my second home.
*I was able to unleash another passion--mountain climbing!
*Ely Buendia's still alive.
*Tito, Vic, and Joey's still here.
*I got to know Peyton Sawyer and the rest of the One Tree Hill guys.
*i got to keep my true and faithful friends.
*I remained faithful and positive despite the various unfortunate circumstances I've went through this year.
*Me and Vannah got our franchised business.
*I was able to survive another year with Mandarin oriental,Manila:-)
*Despite many 'gastos' with papa's medications and hospitalization, we are still not banckrupt:-)
*I am thankful that I know God, that I could feel my love for Him is growing everyday, and that I was able to feel this feeling towards Him:-)

Remember, it doesn't hurt to keep an attitude of gratitude for there is always something to be thankful for:-). Our life, this world, our family and friends, they are enough reasons why we should continue the journey despite unfortunate circumstances and why we should stay focus to finish the race.

Always thank God in everything. You don't need a feng shui master, or lucky charms, or any magical powers that you can think of, to achieve or get what you want. Just ask God for HE ALONE could give you that. He is the ONLY God.

Happy New Year everyone! God bless us all:-)

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