Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Faith Goals for 2010

This 2010, I'll try my best to:

Live well.
Love more.
Laugh often.
Smile frequently.
Be optimistic always.
Read more.
Pray and talk to God every single moment I could.
Spend a quiet time with God everyday.
Think good thoughts always.
More patience.
Forgive even when I'm not asked to.
Cry less.
Avoid hatred.
Avoid anger.
Avoid judging easily.
Get to know more people.
Sing often.
Dance my heart out.
Give selflessly.
Travel more.
Climb more mountains.
spend more time with myself and with my passion.
Stay focus.
Work harder but happily.
Be more goal-oriented.
Be more determined to achieve my goals.
Let go and move on.
Free myself from all bitterness and pains.

2010 is still a mystery for all of us. But we stay put in our faith, there's no way the coming year will be a bad year for us. We will surely meet some troubles and difficulties along the way, but we should not worry. Let us all cast our doubts and troubles to God for He is the source of our strength and no one else.

Keep your faith goals. Pray for it and ask God fervently for it. He will surely bless you with that in His right time. He is never deaf of our prayers. Believe that when you pray, God is already doing something for your prayer. It might not be visible instantly, but be rest assured that He is working His marvelous ways for your prayer requests.

God bless our 2010:-)

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