Friday, September 12, 2008

Things I Will Tell To My 1998-Self

If you will tell something to your 1998 self, what would it be?"

Just heard this forum question from 99.5 Rt last Friday on my way to the office. And yes, I'm super strucked by this. It was like suddenyl, I caught myself into thinking how my life was back in 1998. I caught myself reminiscing the good old wonderful 1998 days of my existence. A yearning to go back in time once again stunned me that the moment I opened my pc in the office, I immediately searched for the 1998 playlist in Imeem.

Hah! Life was pretty better in my past.

1998? February 1998 to be exact--I was in second year highschool. The 50th Anniversary of my dear Alma Mater had just transpired (we had a Folk Arts Tableau performance for this celebration in 12 December 1997). I believe during this time, I was so addicted to the juniors and seniors and I had an auditorium collection of all my crushes from the freshmen to the seniors (boys and girls alike!). I was so laid-back and jovial during these days. Laugh-laugh-laugh was all that me and my barkada loved to do most of the time (aside of course from running after our crushes!). Life was so easy and manageable then.

Now, if i had to say something to my 1998 self, i will tell her a lot of things. I will tell her the things she needs to know so she would be prepared. And the list goes...

*Stop going gagah over Fritz Silvala. He's not worth it! (though I must admit he really did add a lot of spices to my highschool days:-)

*Never wear a school skirt which length could reach your ankle. It's not cool. Especially if the fabric is "katya-like!" Eww!

*Pose your sweetest smile when being photographed for an ID picture. It would even be great if you will pose your awesome "korean pose"

*Don't cry just because the seniors (batch 1998) will be leaving the portals of ESPS in March 1998. Stop being emotional. Life is just a matter of saying hi and goodbye.

*You should have gathered all the books you can get inside the lockers of the seniors and the juniors. Be smart and practical. Either you sell those books in recto or keep them for your use the next school year:-)

*Never wear a "pang-Ninang" dress on your JS Prom. it's soo so baduy!

*Dance to your heart's desire on your JS Prom. So what if Fritz is not your partner? Your friends are enough to make that day a truly remarkable one.

*Don't be super "into" Moffats. The whole batch will laugh at you when they see you crying over the news of Moffats' sudden death:-)

*Don't let JERIC UMALI stain your friendship with SP and Paolo. He's also not worth it.

*Study and study trigonometry for you will have your first taste of "line of 7" grade during the first quarter of your senior year if you don't.

*Enjoy your retreat with your new-found friends in St. Martin. However, never let Pearlen Mananquil sexually harrassed you in front of the priest or you will be ridiculed.

*Don't laugh at MYRA Torio when she'll slip on the floor of the stairs or you will bout with her friends (Hazel and co)

*Congratulate yourself for you were able to bout with Hazel and co in front of the school after class.

*Don't let Karl Venedict Del Rosario influence you.

*Join the 69ow or the Hanky Boys so you will know how it feels like to dance at the center while everyone else is watching you.

*Take a camera with you when you go swimming at BonBon with III-St Ignatius. That moment will never happen again.

*order lots of copies of your pictures during the III-St. Ignatius retreat at Tagaytay. That's worth keeping.

*Never play like MTV or Channel V vjs during your computer class or you will be busted by MAHAL.

*Enjoy each and every moment you spent attending First Friday Masses or church practices and all. You will miss all those moments and especially the wonderful praise songs.

*You will win an essay writing contest during your senior year so don't underrate yourself.

*Never ever feel insecure. you will be blessed more after graduation.

*You will meet "the one" and "your only true love" in october 2002. He will love you more than his own life and would even give it up just to show how much he loves you.

*Your heart will be totally crushed in 2004 so better be prepared.

*You will meet a lot of bitches and assholes in the real world but as long as you have God, you believe in your wonderful self, and you have great and wonderful family and friends around, life is always a bliss:-)

To be honest, I believe I still have lots of things to tell to my 1998 self. I might have missed out on somethings. Nevertheless, i know these things could have prepared me for my 2008 self had I known what will happen to me ten years after. But that's how life is. Full of surprises.


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