Thursday, September 11, 2008

California Berry: Your Cup of Goodness!

Ice cream or yogurt?
Two options. One critical decision you’d have to think of before indulging yourself to yumminess. For those natural dessert lovers, the former would definitely be their major choice. Health-conscious dessert-lovers, however, would probably opt for the latter as it has been well known to be healthy and good for the body.

How about mixing the great qualities of these two equally delicious desserts into one product that is sure to melt your heart of cravings?

People nowadays are getting more health-conscious; the growing popularity of healthy foods being offered in the market is really inevitable. Yogurt, for one, has been experiencing warm and favorable reception since it’s been introduced in the market. In the Philippines, yogurt is being enjoyed more when it’s frozen or ice cream-like, thus, the bloom of the frozen yogurt business in the country.

Yogurt’s rich, creamy texture is the result of milk fermentation and coagulation—adding a tangy, slightly astringent characteristic with unique zest in its flavor. Aside from its undeniable addicting taste, yogurt is loaded with calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin B, riboflavin, protein, lactic acid and at the same time, helping you to lose weight.

The presence of live cultures or bacteria in yogurt helps to restore the intestinal tract to normal after antibiotic intake, at the same time help reduce the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines. Also known as probiotics, it also helps in prevention of constipation and eases diarrhea.

As the rise in healthy dessert options come into picture, more and more frozen yogurt companies are competing in the market. There is only one brand that can be truly called the leader since it is the only company to bring in the original ingredients from one of the biggest chain stores in Los Angeles, California – CaliforniaBerry.

Located in the upscale spot of Silver City Mall, Frontera Verde, Julia Vargas, Ortigas Center, CaliforniaBerry just opened its doors to the public through a soft opening last July 26, 2008. An established and popular yogurt brand in the US, CaliforniaBerry is surely a thrilling dessert sensation that will satisfy every Filipinos big sweet tooth—without the saccharine overdose!
The name CaliforniaBerry was derived from a simple reason that it originated in California with assorted berries as a favorite pair of most consumers of the product. Undeniably, the brand has established a real asset of its own and has gained product patronage many years ago, reflecting the amazing benefits and cutting edge features of authentic yogurt in each cup.

CaliforniaBerry’s frozen yogurt has distinctive similar physical properties of an ice cream, but surely a better dessert option since it is 100% fat-free, unlike other competing brands that still have remaining 2% fat content. It’s also good to know that it only has a meager 25 calories per ounce, compared to two scoops of vanilla ice cream which has about 145 calories per serving--not including the cone. Thus, a healthier option but still truly satisfying finale to your meal.

With CaliforniaBerry’s yogurt, you can simply enjoy the real, delicious goodness of milk and experience the right way a yogurt should be made: complete with live active cultures from a dairy plant which has passed the sanitation and federal state rules. Consumers are also assured that they enjoy a fresh and spotless product since all ingredients are being prepared same day they serve it.

Enjoy the plain, fat-free CaliforniaBerry yogurt starting at an affordable price of Php60 for small, Php85 for medium, and Php115 for large. Order a medium or large size and add pizzazz to its unique flavor by adding your favorite three topping combinations for a price of only Php30. Toppings available are from candies, cereal, chocolates, to syrup—with fresh fruits and nuts as constant favorite varieties. Chocoholics and candy lovers will surely go crazy with chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, M&M’s, cookies and cream, rainbow sprinkles, and marshmallow. While rice crispies, almond clusters, blueberry, cherry, strawberry, green apple, peach, pineapple,
mango, kiwi, and banana double up the health benefits and taste of CaliforniaBerry’s silky
smooth, natural yogurt. Customers can also try CaliforniaBerry’s Signature® Flavors.
The company’s thrust to push yogurt as a part of everyone’s hip lifestyle statement is an evident truth to media-centric go-getters who constantly want to be in their pink of health and shape. CaliforniaBerry Yogurt Company Inc. Philippines marketing director Kirkland Whang adds, “Initial target market was the yuppies, but eventually we noticed the quick attraction of a much wider range of customers including kids and people of different ages. We believe that it is also because our store offers a gracious appeal, hip ambience, and good service—other factors that sum up a delightful “CaliforniaBerry experience”.

CaliforniaBerry Yogurt Company Inc. Philippines is also keen to have at least 3 branches by the end of 2008 for a greater reach of families, as one of its primary target markets.
So, the next time you feel like satiating for a cold ice cream but wary of its horrifying calorific contents, switch to CaliforniaBerry and indulge your senses in their nutritious yogurt selections. After all, enjoying a dessert doesn’t always have to be guilt-ridden.

CaliforniaBerry is in the ground floor of Silver City Mall, Julia Vargas Ave. Ortigas City. Parking is free for the first 10 mins. For more information, please check out or

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