Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TVCs I Don't Wanna See Ever Again.

Alright, so TV commercials are not at all boring to watch especially if it's not only artistically created to sell/promote a certain product, but also done to convey a real good message about the society or even the person's individuality. There are, however, TVCs which are plainly nakakairita for some obvious reasons. I have my own share of those irita moments over some commercials which when I see being shown on the TV screen, I would immediately look for the remote control and change channels.

Here's my list (at least the recent ones):

1. Star Wax - You know the girl who's wearing a red blouse and cream skirt and wiped the floor with star wax while dancing when somebody spilled something on the floor. Why do you need to dance (in an overacting way) while wiping the floor?

2. Coffee Mate - Actually, there are three versions of this specific Coffee Mate commercial. One of the versions included a pastor from our church and his wife--which I liked:-) It's about three married couples sharing their love story and their love for coffee mate. The concept is good and touching, but there's this one version which I don't like at all. The one with only the husband talking. I called that the 'eleven years' version since the husband's line during the first part of the commercial was "We've been married for 11 years now...." I don't like that version because I find the husband so self-absorbed. First of all, he's the one doing the talking for the entire duration of the commercial. Second of all, he always say 'I'--I know I made the right choice....blah-blah-blah.. Like hello! Do you even care to ask your wife if she thinks she made the right choice for marrying you? Why does it always have to be about you, man?

Again, I only dislike this single version.

3. The Nestea Iced Tea- That commercial with the overacting guy 'Nico' who was dumped by 'Martina' and who has an equally overacting mom. Good thing I don't get to see it na on TV of late.

4. All commercials with Erich Gonzales on it.

5. All commercials with Anne Curtis on it - Apologies to her fans, but I'm just so fed up seeing her in almost all TVCs nowadays.

6. Smart Dishwashing Liquid "Dish Is It" TVC - The one with the mom singing and dancing 'Kasi gamit you, you, you.....' I just find the mom so pa-cute and pa-cool in this commercial.

I have high regards for the creative people and the production team behind TV commercials and I know the effort they exerted just to produce them. However, there are just some TVCs which I find exaggerating and some of those were listed above.  Again, this list is from my own perspective. Nothing personal. Just a mere human reaction over some things I see on TV which I find absurd at times.

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