Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sweet Tooth Monday at Parvati

If there’s one thing I wouldn’t give up for a firmer body, that would be desserts:-) I could live without rice but definitely not without chocolates and cakes and ice creams. (and tocino and hotdogs pa pala:-)) When it comes to eating, I live by the adage of Ernestine Ulmer:
Life is uncertain. Eat desserts first.
That is why when I look for restaurants, I alway look for those with really appetizing desserts in their menu.
A couple of months ago, my good friend Khryz introduced me to the yummy world of Parvati. I was out with my zooper friends for our usual dinner meet-up at Trinoma Mall and we were looking for a nice coffee and cake shop–which is not Starbucks or Coffee Bean for a change. And all thanks to her, I’ve finally found a real dessert haven which is both yummy and cheapo:-) All the cakes we ordered on that first try at Parvati deserved a thumbs up. And yes, including Lalaine’s Fudgelicious cake although its taste is somehow similar to that of Brownies Unlimited’s. But still we loved it! Plus, plus! They have free brewed coffee:-)
Our very first taste of Parvati:-)
My personal favorite is the Milk Chocolate Cake. Actually, this was what I ordered the first time I tried Parvati and all the succeeding visits after that, I never fail to order for that. It’s only priced at P110 for the mini size (which is actually good enough for sharing for 2 people).
My second favorite is the Frozen Brazo de Mercedes, which I only got to try yesterday when I went there with my family. Imagine indulging on your favorite brazo de mercedes, but this time, with graham cracker crust and a layer of vanilla ice cream….really heavenly. You can enjoy this delish experience for only P200 for the small size —which could actually be shared by 2-3 pax.
Frozen Brazo de Mercedes - yummy
Since my mom and my sister loved their first Parvati experience, too, we always make it a point to drop by this cafe whenever we pass by Trinoma Mall or when we’re around QC area. And most of those Parvati visits happened on a Monday, thus the title of this post.
This is how loco we are about Parvati:-)
Another plus of this desserts cafe, aside from the really yummy cakes and free coffee,  is that they really prove true to the meaning of ‘service’ in Customer Service. I would really commend them for the kind of satisfactory service they provide all their customers–regardless of how many you will buy. And just yesterday, I was humbled when I saw the lady manager/owner of the cafe washing the cups and saucers used by the customers herself. And I grew even more fonder of Parvati because of that humble act.
If you want to visit Parvati, it’s located at Trinoma Mall, Mindanao Lobby (below National Bookstore and between Breadtalk and Gourdo’s). You can also give them a call at 9011428 for bulk orders.

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