Saturday, May 7, 2011

Someday My Prince Will Come...

And definitely, that someday already came true for Kate Middleton.
Just a few hours ago, she bade goodbye to her ‘commoner’ status and welcomed her new life as part of the Royal Family when she tied the knot with Prince William.
And I must admit, I’m part of that thousands–or perhaps–millions of ladies in the whole world who once wished to marry Prince William (or cge na nga kahit fling lang!) I first saw him during the time of Princess Diana’s death and I instantly developed a huge crush on him. I even dreamed of working in the Buckingham Palace after college and I would bump into Prince William in the hallway and he would fall in love with me because he would find me different from all the other girls who were swooning over him.
And yes, I even had a background song for that fresh-from-Jane-Austen-book-moment:Suddenly by Soraya.
A thousand eyes looking at me
But yours is the look that goes right through me
And I cannot hide from your stare
Should I let you in do I dare
Some other hands have tried before
But yours is the touch that makes me want more
And I cannot hide the urgency
To have you lying here with me because
Suddenly in my life
There’s something that’s got me mystified
And I cannot fight it but I can try
To keep the wonder of it alive
See, that was a perfect song for us–if only Prince William had the chance to see me!
Okay. Cut the crap!
But I must admit, this song still perfectly suits Wills and Kate’s love story. Sige na nga, papaubaya ko na sa kanila! After all, I must admit that they look so beautiful together:-)
I still like Prince William –balding hair or not. He is still the only prince–by the world’s definition of it–who ever captured my heart:-) And I liked him even more for choosing Kate Middleton. He just proved that love knows no social status and background. He didn’t conform with the tradition and what his status dictates. Instead, he followed his heart and chose to love a commoner, a simple lady out of an array of pretty women with a royal blood.
Prince William and Kate’s story brought to life the lovely fairy tales of a prince falling in love with a lady he just saw on the road on the way to the palace (or any sort of Cinderella stuff you can think of) which we thought could only happen on fairy tale books. Or Jane Austen’s books since I’m no big fan of the league of princesses headed by Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.
As I watched the Royal Wedding today, I didn’t only feel ‘kilig,’ but gladness that I was part of a generation who was able to witness a fairy tale came true to life. And as I watched the royal couples exchanged vows, I could feel and see the love they seem to have for each other. The way he looked at her while saying his vows made me want to melt in so much ‘kiligness.’ These two souls with ‘special blood types’ made me believe that true love could really happen even to those people surrounded with fame, power, and fortune
Very far, indeed, from that of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981. I watched the video of that 1981 royal wedding just to compare and perhaps try to parse if Prince William really love Kate and vice versa or they’re just pretending. And the verdict? I think Big Willie really loves Babykins:-)
Today, I kissed my super far-fetched dream of becoming Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales goodbye (not that I ever think that would be possible!) but nonetheless, I welcomed in my heart the truth that someday, my prince will come my way, too. His blood may just be as normal as mine, but I know for sure that he will make me feel as royal as any princess of God should. He may not be part of a royal family but he is God’s prince and I know that God would make him perfect for me. My prince that’s yet to come is not driven by money or by power or anything that this world dictates, but he is driven by the fullness of his love for Christ.
Until such time that God says so,  my prince and I will patiently wait for that time when our paths will finally cross. We will never waver in faith and we will never let society pressure us. We will definitely wait for God’s perfect time, for only then can a true love can experience a happy ever after.
To Kate Middleton, someday my will prince will come, too. (Kala mo ikaw lang? Echusera!) 

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