Thursday, May 27, 2010

From Baywalk to Seoul to Tokyo?

While walking along Baywalk this afternoon with my good friend jayne, I tried to look beyond the people and set my sight way further straight. Amazingly, Baywalk suddenly turned into something sort of a serene park in Seoul, Korea or a street somewhere in Tokyo. Really, that's the first time that I saw Baywalk like that. I personally liked how the leaves of the trees from one side touched the leaves or converged with the leaves of the trees from the other side. Mala-Endless Love ang dating:-)

Realization: If you'll try to see beyond the negative side of things or the adversaries in your life, you can see that there's always a bright future ahead. You can see that the road is really not at all rough and your heart will be filled with hopes and beautiful aspirations. If we'll set our sights on what we could easily see, it would be difficult for us to understand that God always has great plans for our lives.

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