Sunday, May 16, 2010

Apple -- the Events Planner-)

After a year of hiatus from the event organizing scene, I am back once again via the wedding of a good friend and former officemate, Tes. She got married to her Korean boyfriend this morning at Hotel Rembrandt through a simple yet classy civil rites.

I don't know when my love for events organizing, especially weddings, started. Perhaps it was when I organized my cousin Khat's debut back in 2003, then followed by my sister's debut in 2004, and followed by a series of debuts and weddings after that. I even had few stints in wedding organizing with my friend and earned good money from that.

Organizing an event is truthfully a toxic job but it's definitely fun and fulfilling especially when the celebrants and the guests appreciate and acknowledge your efforts. I don't know if i could already consider myself a certified event organizer (though I sure love being called a 'wedding planner'), but nevertheless, I came up with a list of reasons why I love event organizing:

1. I love preparing the event's soundtrack. i love looking for the right music to fit every scene in every event. It just feels wonderful.

2. i love making AVPs. No matter how gruesome and time-consuming doing it may be, it never beats the feeling of contentment when you see the emotionally touched faces of the celebrant appreciating my simple work of art--most especially if they find the song amusing and perfect for the presentation.

3. I love playing with the programme--adding some unique ideas to the order of events so the celebration won't be too common and boring. I once organized a cousin's wedding wherein I even included having a time capsule ceremony where people will write their wishes for the debutant which will be placed in a bottle and the debutant could only get to read it after 5 years. The guests appreciated it and even the walking down the aisle of the little kids who brought the goblets that contained the wishes to the stage where the debutant was.

4. It feels good to be busy preparing for the event--talking to suppliers, doing oculars, food-tasting, etc. I'd be happy being busy doing those things:-)

5. I just couldn't stand attending an event and just seating there waiting for things to happen. Perhaps I already got used to being busy with every friends and family's event that it terribly bores me just seating and watching. I always feel like I need to do something in that event.

6. I love it when people ask me if i'm the organizer of the event and when the staff go to me to ask me this and that. It's pretty chaotic but there's that wonderful feeling of pride in every conversation.

7. It feels good when people congratulate you for a job well done, most especially if it's a one-woman team.

8. The 'thank you' word is the best part of all. No matter if the event's free or just a form of help or whether somebody paid me to do it, the 'thank you' word is enough to ease my tiredness away. Nothing beats that.

In every event, I always find a reason why I love doing it so perhaps, I could be adding more in the upcoming events. of course it's not always bed of roses especially if you have a client who's very demanding or a friend or relative who didn't even care to acknowledge your efforts, but nevertheless, it's always fun doing the thing that I feel I'm gifted of, aside from writing. Furthermore, it feels good to help people think better ways to make the memorable events in their lives into something really worth remembering. I am happy to be part of making those memories wonderful:-)

Should I make it into another profession of mine? Hmmmmm.....let's see:-)

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