Sunday, March 7, 2010

A different way to celebrate my birthday

I want to do something different for my birthday this year. Party? No. I've never been fond of parties, most especially if i'll be the one to host the party. I don't like the feeling that you're the center of attention just because it's your birthday. And yes, I don't like it that people are being super nice to me just because it's my birthday. Hey! No big fuss, ayt? it's just a day like any other ordinary day of your life.

ok. So much for that.

So what do i really want to do for my birthday?

Hmmm...since I'm scheduled to go to Sapang Palay, Bulacan on that day to visit my college friend, I realized I would like to spend my birthday being in sync with nature. I will declare my birthday a Nature Appreciation Day. i would watch the sun rise and spend the first few hours of my day praising and thanking God for this wonderful, sweet, and sour life He'd blessed me with. This year will be indeed be a different year of celebrating my birthday since I am planning to spend it with God. Since my good friend and brother in Christ Franco will join me in going to Zuzi's house, I'll ask him to do some fellowshipping with me, too.

Fab! I am sure we'll both enjoy that day! A day with Christ and nature---what a truly fab way to spend your 27th birthday:-)

I love life!

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