Monday, June 10, 2013

Just Like Dining In Your Neighbor’s House at Casa Roces

I’m no food blogger. I don’t even know how to cook and the only food taste I could define are sweet, sour, salty and definitely nothing in between. But I love paying a visit to food havens especially those so-called holes-in-the-wall. I love unconventional restaurants–themed ones or those which has eclectic designs, which give diners a happy feeling of enjoying their food and the place at the same time. Of late, I’m currently fancying those old houses turned into a restaurant. I totally love the laid-back, homey atmosphere they give off.
One Saturday ago, my church friends and I had a really happy lunch at Casa Roces in Malacañang. We were supposed to go to Pagsanjan, Laguna for some summer fun adventure but since only a few could join, we decided to just have a lunch out and do some catching ups. I’d already dined at Casa Roces with my highschool friends a year ago and was so satisfied with the experience that I suggested the same place to my church friends. Good thing they gave in to my promotional knack and were convinced to try Casa Roces as well :D
The place looks intimidating at first with its stylish, elegant facade. Oh well, why canit it be? Casa Roces used to be the house of one of the buena familias back then. The National Artist Alejandro Roces used to live in this house then.
Once you get inside Casa Roces, all those feelings of intimidation will be gone since you will be greeted by a smiling host and very accommodating staff who are always ready to assist you with your dining needs (and yes, that includes taking picture of you!). It’s really like being invited by your neighbor friend to have lunch in their house while enjoying casual conversations with them. It’s very homey and warm.
The Menu
Aside from their yummy food, one of the reasons why you will really enjoy dining at Casa Roces is the privilege to tour the  house and have a glimpse of the Roces’ family’s history. You can see there some prints of the La Vanguardia and the old Manila Times news papers as well as some family photos and memorabilia. The Roceses were prominent in the print/publishing business back then that’s why there’s even a statue of a newsboy welcoming guests by the entrance of Casa Roces. The old rooms turned into function rooms were even named after newspaper titles such as The Tribune, Manila Times and La Vanguardia.
Chicken Adobo Confit (Php 285.00)
Chicken Adobo Confit (Php 285.00)
Pork Stew Binagoongan (Php285.00)
Pork Stew Binagoongan (Php285.00)
Pescado En Salsa Verde (Php345.00)
For the second time around, Casa Roces didn’t fail me. I had the same satisfying dining experience I had when I first tried the place. From the restaurant’s setting to the excellent service, and of course the really sumptuous food, I must say that Casa Roces is really a place that deserves good review and more visits.
It was indeed, a happy Saturdate with these ladies!
And this was my first Casa Roces experience with my ever wacky friends!
I wonder what we were laughing about here???

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