Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Room Upstairs: Where Design Pieces and Cozy Dining Are In Perfect Harmony

Looking at furnitures is one of my addictions. The furniture section is my number 2 favorite spot in the mall, next to the bookstore.  I like looking at the different designs of tables and chairs and even beds and sofas while weaving fantasy stories in my mind. So when I found out about this hidden furniture cum cafê tucked inside the LRI Building in Makati, the inching to pay a visit and feel the hush of the place no longer leave me.
It was as if I was really meant to experience this cafê, my friend Paolo invited me for a Friday afternoon chill. We were actually supposed to go to Marikina to try another resto there but due to time constraint, I suggested we just try The Room Upstairs.
LRI Building in N.Garcia, Makati, is actually like the Cubao Expo of the south. When you enter the building, all you can see are a combination of intricate, voguish, and even quirky design pieces and contemporary artworks. If you don’t really know about The Room Upstairs or you didn’t go there on purpose of dining in the cafê, you might think that it’s just one of the furniture stores in LRI, except only that it has a menu standee placed outside.
I like the eccentric yet sophisticated mix-match of the furniture pieces inside. The place may look crowded and condensed but I like its abstract effect. The restaurant also serves as the owner’s design showroom so understandably, her masterpieces are also displayed inside. There are signs, however, for chairs or sofas which are restricted from the diners.
The food was yummy as well. Pao ordered the Spicy Asian Pasta which I also got to taste–and it was really a great discovery! It tasted sooo good! It’s a spicy chili spaghetti with herbed chicken and peanuts. It actually tasted sweet and spicy and further made tastier with the addition of peanuts:-)
Spicy Asian pasta, P200
Pao also had Kani Salad–kani sticks with cucumber and corn on fresh greens served with Japanese-inspired dressing.
Kani Salad, P200
Because desserts come first for me, I only ordered the Chocolate Truffle Mousse Cake, which really made me even happier:-)
My only regret was that I didn’t get to taste any of its coffee offering. I was too engrossed on devouring my Chocolate Truffle Mouse cake that I forgot that coffee was one of the main highlights of this restaurant. Oh well, there’s always a next time:-)
The Room Upstairs is like a sanctuary for writers for me. An afternoon visit to this place by yourself, especially if you’re experiencing a writer’s block, wouldn’t hurt. Ideas and inspirations will surely flow freely once you step inside this piece of sanctuary –well at least that’s what I felt when I entered this cafê.
I will definitely pay another visit to The Room Upstairs. Now I know where to go if I’m into a I-want-to-be-away-from-the-busy-ness-of-the-world moment:-)
All thanks to one of my super guy friends, Paolo, for the treat:-) Guy friends are great blessings I am forever grateful for:-)
With my good friend, Paolo:-)
The Room Upstairs
2/F, LRI Design Plaza, 210 N. Garcia St., Bel-Air 3
Makati City, Metro Manila
Telephone: +632 899-9318, 899-3593
Operating Hours: 9am-6pm
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