Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ika-Pito na!

Happy 7th Anniversary to a love that never died. A love that endures the long wait to heavenly reunion. A love that spells eternity.


We might find another soul to love or to spend the rest of our lives with after our true love left us to be with his Creator, but truth be told, your heart will always hold a special place for that one person whom you lovingly hoped, wished, and dreamed of forever with. He may not be physically around to cheer you up when you're feeling down and out, to guide you when you're feeling lost, to accompany you to your window shoppings, to call you to check if you've eaten your lunch, to wake you up in the morning just to make sure you won't be late for school and/or work, to meet you on a rainy afternoon just to say sorry and make up for what he'd done bad, to go to your house and tell your mom how much he really loves you, to invite you to his family's special private affairs making you feel like you're already a part of the family, or to text you sweet notes almost every minute of the day, and to say goodnight and iloveyou before you doze off, BUT the eternal power of that one person's love for you will always make you feel him close to you, like he'd never really went away. He may have gone a long time ago but the memory of his love will forever remain in you.

And then again, always remember that there's always a special reason why you have to stay.....

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