Monday, July 6, 2009

Just Because I Can't Stop Watching 'Man in the Mirror' in YOUTUBE.

I have to be honest. I’m not a big Michael Jackson fan. Last I checked, I didn’t have any of his song in my playlist. Perhaps, it’s because I was too young to admire a singer/performer during the time when he was at the peak of his career.

But then again, the news of his sudden death really shocked and saddened me. It, however, took a couple of days before his death finally dawned on me. My office mate even called me in my mobile that day to ask if I was alright (knowing I’m the type of person who will literally cry over the death of people, especially entertainers). But to be honest, I can’t really find the right emotion to feel that day when he was announced dead in the news. I didn’t know if I should feel happy for Michael Jackson that finally, he will have that rest and peace he’d long been wishing for; or sad for the one and only King of Pop is now gone for good.

Frankly, when I heard of the news, the first thing (person) that crossed my mind was Ely Buendia. Weird, but true. I felt afraid of what might happen to Ely Buendia or what would I feel should Ely have a heart attack again. Ely was to me what Michael is for my mom and my titos and titas.

But then again, guess I couldn’t really let MJ’s death pass by without me letting out my heartfelt emotion over what had befalled. As expected, I also cried over MJ’s passing away. This happened just last Friday night after watching Repertory Philippine’s Funtastiks (connect?). For few days, I’ve been avoiding the feeling of sadness over his death for I don’t want to burden myself with the sad memories of his death (so feel q tlga, close kme!). Michael Jackson is just a big guy in the history of music and his death is really something that you couldn’t easily shrug off or accept. Hearing his songs being played over and over again everywhere really added insult to the injury.

I may not be a big fan of his music or his songs but I’ve always liked Michael Jackson as a person. Even when the news about his child molestation cases was put out and was highly publicized before, never did I lost my admiration for him as a person. I’ve always felt he is a good person—only that, he was filled with sad and bitter emotions. He might be one of the richest persons in this world, but emptiness still clouded his sad life.

Perhaps, the reason why I didn't cry hard when I heard of his death is because I felt that WE'VE LOST MICHAEL JACKSON A LONG TIME AGO. During those times when the media didn't want to give him the privacy and peaceful life that he wants, we've already lost him because he chose to veer away from the cruel world of entertainment and media. It's just so sad that now that he decided to resurrect from his long slumber, God decided to call him back to His kingdom. But that's just the way it is. God has His own reasons. Perhaps, He saw that MJ is already tired of this life-long battle with sorrow and emptiness that He decided to put an end to MJ's misery. At least now, our one and only King of Pop has finally found the fulfilment that he'd long been searching for.

Michael Jackson. King of Pop. His music will forever play in the hearts of his millions of fans all over the world. At one point, his music really helped heal this world. With his music, he was able to unite the people through a common interest. And then again, by his death, the whole world is also united in mourning for him.

Here's to a wonderful journey towards the eternal life to the one and only King of Pop--Michael Jackson!

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