Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Oliver's 27th Birthday

The memory of Oliver's birthday in 2003 is still vividly clear in my memory until now.. It was his first birthday with a very special someone..ahem,,that's me:-)

But really, according to him, his 23rd bday was the most memorable and special of all his birthdays since it was the very first time that he celebrated it with a girlfriend by his side. i don't know if he's saying the truth, but i believed him. i could see in his eyes the happiness and contentment he felt when we ended that day with a goodbye kiss..

The night before his birthday (30 sept 2003), he was actually having tantrums..feeling niya kse nde important sken ung bday niya..i was bluffing him kse that i have school on his birthday so im not sure if i could join him in his celebration..he was like 'ganon? nde ka ba pwedeng magabsent? ngaun nga lang aq magbbday na ksama ka eh tapos nde ka pa pala pede.."

I could really sense the 'tampo' in his voice that time, while I, on the other line, was trying very hard not to let out my almost uncontained laugh because of his reaction..

We ended the conversation that night with him having a sad heart cause he really believed im not gonna be there on his birthday the next day. If only he knows what im planning for his special day:-)

The next day, his birthday, i woke up super early and went straight to my cousin's house in malabon where i will pick up the specially made cake i ordered for oliver.

i was really supposed to surprise him with the cake beside his sleeping area in his room when he wakes up. unfortunately, nalate aq at nang magtext aq sa mama niya, his mom said he's alreay awake na and super anxious kse nde pa daw aq nagttext sa kaniya..adik tlga sken:-)

so since plan A was not feasible na that time, i opted to text him na lang and said that my class was cut short because my prof was absent kya i decided na lang to go to his house. i asked him to pick me up sa may kanto nila kse naman di ba, yoko namang bumaba ng street nila na may dala aqng malaking box ng cake--masyadong pa-sweet:-)

when i arrived in the area where he was supposed to fetch me, he wasn't there yet so i texted him and advised that im already waiting for him sa taas. when i saw him walking towards me with his 'gusot' hair, i immediately gave him the box of cake and sheepishly uttered 'happy birthday honey.'

man! he was really surprised! as in! i could see the astonishment in his eyes when he saw me and he saw the box..he was speechless for a moment, like as if he didn't know what to really say and how to actually react to the situation..

if only he could hug me tight and kiss me passionately that very moment, i know he would. dami lang tlgang taong dumadaan eh...

so we just went to his house. and yes, he was super proud of my gift to him..if only he could announce it to everyone in his neighborhood:-)

he immediately kept the cake in th e reft after showing it to his mom and tita..he took a bath and after few more minutes if dressing up, we left their house to celebrate his birthday in a place where we could enjoy our special moment of privacy:-)

but before we left, he even managed to make bilin to his mom not to eat the cake or never let anyone eat the cake..he wants that when he comes back, he could still see his complete name in the cake:-0

While we were on our way out, i asked him if he wants us to stay in his house na lang so he could also celebrate his birthday with his family..and he answered me with this: 'mas gusto q ikaw ang kasama q ngaung bday q..mas masaya aq kapag ikaw kasama q..."

touching noh? i could only blush.

we literally spent the whole day together--cuddling each other, whispering sweet nothings, and dreaming of our wonderful future together...

before the day breaks, i asked him to go home na since im sure his family would love to spend with him his birthday and i know that they also prepared something for him.,,though he doesn't really want, he still gave in kse nga i requested him to. im not that selfish to just have him all by myself on his day...his family must enjoy his birthday with him, too..

the minute he arrives in his house, he immediately called me up and we again chatted for more than an hour..he just can;t get enough of me..super addicted:-)

Oliver was so thankful of me because as he said, i made his 23rd bday so wonderful, meaningful, and very remarkable. and yes, that was his most happiest birthday ever:-)

His 23rd birthday was his first and last birthday we celebrated together..he wasn't able to celebrate his 24th bday with me, or with us, since few days before that, God called him to join Him again in His kingdom in heaven..

Today is Oliver's 27th birthday. Eventough we're very far apart, im pretty sure he's still celebrating it with sure he's blissfully happy wherever he is now..

To my one and only true love, happy birthday..i'll be loving you for eternity:-) until we meet again...

You First Believed - Dyanne (original by hoku)

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