Friday, November 5, 2010


Alright, so Twitter fascinated me again with another trending tag which is the #tweetyour16yearoldself thing. It's more like 99.5RT's What Will You Say To Your 1998-self thing, just a bit of age/time difference though. I'm an eternal fan of topics like these, maybe because there are a lot of things I would like to tell my old self--cautions, advices, chill thoughts, etc.

I'm 11 years away from my 16-year-old self so definitely, I've lots of experiences now, more learnings, understandings, and more mature in the manner I deal with life and all its complexities.

So what can I tweet to my sweet(?) 16 self? Here goes:

1. Stop looking and acting like a tomboy. You're not cute!

2. Stop wearing baggy pants and loose shirts. You look awful.

3. Stop stalking your girl crushes. Simply put--magpakababae ka!

4. Stop believing that Fritz Silvala will be yours because he never will. He'll get a girl pregnant even before finishing college so better stop daydreaming.

5. Don't be so idealistic. It's okay to dream but you have to open your eyes to the realities of life. But never let these realities stop you from becoming the best you can be.

6. Don't sweat the small stuff.

7. Pains and sorrows are inevitable in life so just be prepared to face them. You'll experience a lot of them in life.

8. Just the same, life is about balance. It's not always sad and gloomy. There's definitely plenty of sunny and happy days in store for you, so smile:-)

9. Stop worrying. It won't do you good.

10. Do as much as you can to fix your issues about insecurities, enviousness and jealousies. These would just make you feel miserable.

11. Your first love will die in 2004 so prepare to be crushed.

12. By the time you're 27, you'll still be single and available but don't fret. A lot of your friends are, too:-)

13. It's okay to be single. It's a perfect time for you to enjoy yourself, enjoy life on your own and with the company of your friends, and try out various things.

14. Don't get pissed during family reunions when your relatives keep asking you why you are still not married. Or at least don't show them you're pissed. It will just make you look like a loser.

15. Don't rush into love. if there's one thing that's eternally true about love, it is that God would be the one to bless you with that. You don't need to look for it or run after it. Just pray to the Almighty Matchmaker.

16. Allot a good part of your income to investing in a house or car. It's one great move.

17. Save up for domestic and international travels. It's all worth it. Just make sure you are following Cebu Pacific and PAL in twitter and you like them in Facebook so you're updated with the latest promos.

18. It's cool to go back to school and learn new things. There's a different kind of fulfillment doing that. You can even have three degrees if you like:-)

19. It's of no use being mataray to people or being warfreak. That's never a plus point in your character and you don't look dandy in that. As much as possible, always keep your cool.

20. The fights you had with the higher batch or the lower batch won't matter anymore when you're 20-something. In fact, you might even be friends with them in the future. It's better to have many friends than have a pool of enemies or you'll just get drowned in bitterness and hatred.

21. DOn't think that just because you can't find satisfaction with your future jobs/companies and you keep on job-hopping, you're already lost. Certainly NO. You just can't seem to find your own niche yet. But once you find it, it's worth the journey:-)

22. It's okay to keep a bucket list so you'll be perked up to try different things, even those that scare you.

23. Religion is only a label. It is actually complicated. It is much better to have a relationship with God than to have a religion.

24. Serving in church is a wonderful and noble act. It's very much enjoying, too:-)

25. It is superbly cool to have a Bible in your bag and read it as often as you can. Bible is not something you have to be afraid or be ashamed of.

26. Don't think that being a missionary are just for people who are saintly. You can do that, too as long as you desire in your heart to share the good news about Jesus to the world.

27. It's definitely cool to follow God and be very much proud of it.

There you go, 27 things the 27-year-old me would like to tell, or tweet, to my 16-year-old-self.

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