Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Usapang bata # 15

Last Monday, April 12, was the start of the summer class in Escuela Legarda. We had one student from the previous school year who joined us again for the summer class. Her name's Chesca. Since she's attending big school na next school year, her tita wants to train her na to stay in the room without any guardians. But since Chesca's not used to it, she cried and cried the first time her tita went outside.

While I was asking her to finish her work first before she could see her tita, this was our conversation:

Chesca: Cge na Teacher, please, please! Papasukin mo na Tita ko!
Me: Di ba we told you na before that you have to be prepared na for big school? Kaya your tita has to stay outside na.

Chesca: and namimiss q na si Mamex eh (she calls her tita, 'mamex'). Miss na miss q na si Mamex.

Me: Eh kasama mo naman siya lagi sa house di ba?

Chesca: Opo nga pero namimiss q na talaga siya eh. Papasukin mo na siya please!

Me: Cge, finish your work first then I'll let you see your tita na.

Chesca: Dali na let's do this na para matapos na tayo!

***i could only sigh***

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