Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Usapang Bata # 5

Since I'm now a full-pledged Teacher Apple, I'll have more collections of funny, witty, sensible, and straigh-from-the innocent hearts USAPANG BATA posts.

For my second day as Teacher Apple at Escuela Legarda, these are some of the prominent UB I overheard and gathered from my cute students:

Usapang bata A:

Theo: Danielle, I have a gift for you for your birthday. It's Dora!
Danielle: Eh why did you tell me na? My birthday's next week pa.
Theo: (just giggled and run away from Danielle)

Usapang bata B:

Me: Hi Jacob! What are you drawing?
Jacob: pang-huli ng dolphin
Me: oh, okay.
Jacob: Teacher, can you draw me fishes, too?
Me: Sure! (I drew fish-like sketches).
Jacob: I want crabs, too. With sipit.
Me: Alright. (me wondering how to draw a crab). You want me to draw you an octopus, instead?
Jacob: Ok.
(after i finished drawing the octopus-like whatever......)
Jacob: Wow! (showed the drawing to Teacher Bea) Look, we have an octopus! VERY NICE!
(he said that like a big man approving a proposal:-))

I just love kids!

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